My Morning Jacket’s Jim James Announces Surprise NYC Concert For New Venue Opening

first_imgIt’s unclear whether James will be performing by himself or with MMJ, but it is clear that this should be a great performance! Good luck getting in. Just a couple days after wrapping up an extraordinary run with My Morning Jacket at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO, beloved frontman Jim James has made his way across the country for a free surprise show, tonight, in New York, NY. James just tweeted the announcement, which you can see below.NYC friends — surprise live show TODAY! 330 Hudson St. at 5PM for @cadillac opening of #CadillacHouse with a big ol’ block party. Free!— jim james (@jimjames) June 1, 2016last_img read more

Space Carnival Shares Funky New Single ‘Moon Boots’ [Premiere]

first_imgSpace Carnival, New York up and coming psychedelic groove rock band, have announced the release of their debut studio album Drawn In By The Sun. The album features eight tracks that showcase the melting pot of genres this young band is capable of brewing up. “We are primarily a live band, utilizing the stage as a tool for improvisation, so this album is a way for us to broadcast our music in a concise package,” says the band in a press release.Space Carnival has been refining their compositions on the road, so fans can expect fine tuned jam sections and ruthless groove throughout. The band describes their sound as “slippery disco” which is a combination of 60’s psychedelia, 70’s jazz fusion/funk, 80’s disco, and a nod to modern dance music.“Moon Boots”, the first single on the album, is on the surface about a man floating away in space being pulled in by the suns gravity. Underneath that it is about moderation in the jam scene and being conscious of your body and mind. This song features catchy hooks and a tight funky jam section sure to keep you dancing. Check out the new single streaming below, exclusively via L4LM.Space Carnival is comprised of Cameron Fitch (keyboards/vocals), Jeremy Kraus (guitar/vocals), Chris Meier (bass/vocals), and Nick Tassinari (drums). For more on the band and Drawn In By The Sun, head to their Bandcamp. Drawn In By The Sun Tracklisting1. Moon Boots2. Mister Sam3. Entree The Giant4. Uh Oh, I Slipped My Disco5. Plibt6. Rango7. The Sun8. Regal Kradlast_img read more

Holly Bowling Performs Phish’s ‘Billy Breathes’ Album In Its Entirety [Full Video]

first_imgWith a countless amount of after-parties each night following Phish‘s four night New Year’s run at NYC’s Madison Square Garden, pianist/composer Holly Bowling put on one of the more memorable performance’s from the wide array of festivities.For her late-night show at The Cutting Room on December 30th, Bowling decided to treat fans to a 20th anniversary celebration the classic Phish album Billy Breathes in its entirety. The band’s 1996 release features some of the most beloved songs in the Phish catalogue, including “Free,” “Character Zero,” “Waste,” and “Theme From the Bottom,” among others.Upon the completion of Billy Breathes, Bowling returned for a Grateful Dead-inspired encore of “Cryptical Envelopment > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopment” to end the night properly. Listen to the entire show below, courtesy of Bowling’s Facebook page.Setlist: Holly Bowling | The Cutting Room | New York, NY | 12/30/16FreeCharacter Zero > #WasteTasteCars Trucks Buses #TalkTheme from the BottomTrain SongBliss > #Billy BreathesSwept Away >Steep > *Prince Caspian # **E: Cryptical Envelopment >The Other One *** >Cryptical Envelopment# first time performed by Holly* w/ Strange Design & Little Drummer Boy teases** w/ Free tease*** w/ Character Zero & Billy Breathes teaseslast_img read more

The Flaming Lips Create A Dream Within A Dream On “Oczy Mlody”

first_imgAfter a series of albums with high profile guests and off the wall themes, The Flaming Lips return to their roots with a beautiful, collection of psychedelic wonderment on their new album Oczy Mlody. While the band has spent the last couple of years working off and on with Miley Cyrus, they finally found time to create some fresh tunes of their very own. This is their first album since since their long time drummer Kliph Scurlock left the band over creative and personal differences, and while The Flaming Lips are sure to miss his thunder during their live shows, their studio efforts on this disc show the band ready to make some eloquent music.Oczy Mlody is a dreamlike return to the pop psychedelia that marked the band’s beloved middle period, recalling classic albums like The Soft Bulletin. The disc kicks off with the title track, a mellow instrumental meditation that features as many of Flips beloved trademarks: Looping percussion, droning mid range art noise and a delicate melody that lights the path to the next next phase. The melody flattens into the opening strain of the second track, “How??,” before the always confounding Wayne Coyne makes his first vocal declarations. A loving, tranquil surrealism in the music and his intonations belie the confrontational tone of his actual words in a weary look at the state of the world around us.The Flaming Lips are at their best when they merge challenging thoughts with undeniable beauty, and on “There Should Be Unicorns,” they craft a perfect picture of their work. Punctuated by a rousing spoken word outro by musician/comedian Reggie Watts. Reminding us that even the most mythical of beasts are still just beasts, beholden to their natures. More than just the frontman of the band, Coyne, for better or worse, personifies the band for most fans and his struggle with the way things are and they ways he wishes it was permeates the entirety of Oczy Mlody. On “Sunrise (Eyes Of The Young),” even the promise of the new morning being born fade far too quickly as the thoughts of reality erode hope.Though they receive nowhere near as much attention in the media as their enigmatic frontman, Steven Drozd and Michael Ivins are the architects of the lush soundscapes that can hypnotize or obliterate the consciousness of listeners. Sparse instrumentals like “Nigdy Nie (Never No)” show what they can do on their own, but when the band is all together in intention as on “Galaxy I Sink” and the wonderfully revelation that is “One Night While Hunting for Faeries and Witches and Wizards to Kill”, The Flaming Lips are firing on all cylinders. By maintaining a droning and languid tone, the Flips moments of bombast and crescendos gain more importance. That a band so well known for their love of excess can find such contentment and creativity in the quiet moments truly speaks volumes for their range and skill.Much has been made about The Flaming Lips recent partnership with singer and media lightning rod Miley Cyrus. From confounding live performances to what some fans feel is a sublimation of the Flips aesthetic, there have been prevalent fears that the days of the wildly idiosyncratic nature of the band was fading. Oczy Mlody feels like a repudiation of that mindset from the band, while closing song, “We A Family,” features a prototypical mix of strings and drum machines and a expansive and truly beautiful guest appearance from their wildly famous friend. The song touches on themes of family and unity, speaking towards the relationship between the artistic collaborators and life itself. Their shared chuckle as the album closes with their declaration of mutual admiration is a perfect way to quell any fears that The Flaming Lips are anyone’s backing band.For more than three decades The Flaming Lips have been evolving. Each new album sees them adding a new wrinkle to their very core concept. While a case could be made for Oczy Mlody being a step backward musically, their return to their most dreamlike sound is accompanied by a much sharper lyrical vision and a far defter hand in their execution. It is safe to assume that there are still plenty of twists and turns and disquieting moments ahead, but for now they seem content to revisit their more spacey side with the far steadier hand that wisdom provides us all.We have all wished we could face the problems of the past with the knowledge of the present. The Flaming Lips show on this amazing release that, musically at least, you can go home again, and that when you get there you can do some incredible things with what you learned along the way.last_img read more

Phil Lesh Leads Stu Allen, Nicki Bluhm, Lebo And More At Terrapin Crossroads [Watch]

first_imgLast night, Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh held a “Thunder & Lightning” themed Phil & Friends concert with at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, CA. Lesh’s “Friends” for the show included guitarista Stu Allen and Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, vocalist Nicki Bluhm, drummer Alex Kofordand multi-instrumentalist Jason Crosby for the Sunday evening performance.The set began with Allen leading the ensemble through “Reuben & Cherise.” Allen also took lead vocals for “Stagger Lee” before Nicki stepped up to take lead vocal duties on “West L.A. Fadeaway.” Next, Allen sang “Casey Jones” before a Phil-sung “The Other One.” Bluhm and Lebo then shared vocals on Brent Mydland tune “Just A Little Light.” The show continued with “Shakedown Street” and “Cold Rain & Snow.” Finally, a cover of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In The Free World” flowed into “Morning Dew” to close the set. Lesh and his returned for a beautiful “Uncle John’s Band” encore to send the crowd home happy.You can watch video of Phil & Friends performing “Uncle John’s Band” below, thanks to YouTube user MarkoVision Films:Setlist: Phil & Friends | Terrapin Crossroads | San Rafael, CA | 1/29/17Reuben and Cerise (SA), Stagger Lee (SA), West L.A. Fadeaway (NB), Casey Jones (SA), The Other One (PL), Just a Little, Light (DL,NB), Shakedown Street (NB), Cold Rain and Snow (SA), Rockin In the Free World (AK) > Morning Dew (SA, NB)Encore: Donor Rap (PL), Uncle John’s Band (all)[Setlist via]last_img read more

The Grammys Will Honor Prince & George Michael With “Unforgettable Tribute Segments”

first_imgIt is tradition to honor the previous year’s musicians lost at the annual Grammy Awards ceremony. Last year gave honor to David Bowie and Glenn Frey, and this Sunday’s will memorialize Prince and George Michael with a pair of “unforgettable tribute segments.” While producers cannot reveal which of the performing artists will pay tribute to these musical icons, we do know that John Legend will perform during the In Memoriam portion of the ceremony.President/CEO of The Recording Academy Neil Portnow explains about this year’s choices, “George Michael and Prince were pop icons who showcased rare musical genius and otherworldly charisma.” He continues, “While each possessed a distinct style and sound, they were both adored by audiences worldwide. The passings of two such creative innovators were a huge loss for the creative community; The Recording Academy is humbled to pay homage to their tremendous legacies on the Grammy stage.”Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich furthered the conversation in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, explaining the difficulty in packing such a robust list of fallen stars into such a short amount of time that the show is allotted for this segment: “You’ve got a lot of people incredibly excited about being nominated,” Ehrlich said. “I don’t want to deny them by devoting a third of the show to people who’ve passed away.”We can’t wait to see what the Grammy’s have in store!Also performing will be a special collaboration between A Tribe Called Quest and Anderson .Paak, as well as the return of Daft Punk and The Weeknd. We can hardly wait!last_img read more

moe. Delivers Monstrous 40-Minute “Rebubula>Four>Rebubula” Jam At Le Petit [Video]

first_imgmoe. roared out of the gate during their Jazz Fest run opener with deep cuts, loopy crowd banter, and, as always, massive jams at the Le Petit Theater in the heart of New Orleans. As per the band’s tradition for multi-night residencies, moe. booked one intimate venue date to go along with a pair of more traditionally sized halls to give diehard fans a special treat.The Le Petit Theatre is nestled in the heart of the French Quarter, New Orleans most beloved tourist district. First constructed in 1789 the venue has seen everything from plays to political debates over the course of the last two plus centuries. Unfortunately, the location turned out to be more of a hindrance than anyone expected, as anyone who has ever attempted to park in the Quarter will and their crew were well aware they would not be able to get their trucks full of gear to the venue, so they planned to use a staging area. Their idea was to use a second, smaller truck to ferry gear back and forth. Unfortunately, the never-ending cycle of street repair and construction played havoc with their best laid plans.Thanks to the near heroic levels of determination and effort, the moe.’s road crew made it work by physically pushing the cases of gear through the broken, potholed roads of New Orleans. Their professionalism was noted by guitarist Al Schnier during his “Al.nouncement” segment and his earnest thanks did not go unnoticed by the dedicated fans in attendance. The cheers that went up for their efforts were boisterous and clearly appreciated by the crew.Obviously moe. couldn’t let all that effort go to waste, especially with a crowd filled with fans who had to buy a three day pass to receive tickets to this special performance. Opening with the darkly swirling “Crab Eyes,” they careened through a six-song opening set that saw a musical sandwich and multiple jams that lasted in the 15-20 minute range. The second set featured a song bassist Rob Derhak claimed they had only played once, as well as “Don’t Wanna Be,” one of their newest tunes.The big story of the second set was moe.’s closing, nearly forty-minute sandwich of “Rebubula” and “Four.” “Rebubula is arguably considered their most beloved song, while “Four” is hands down their most requested tunes. The first strains of “Rebubula” filtered in during the closing of “Rainshine” and astute fans welcomed the song with raucous cheers. When moe. slowed the proceedings to a near complete standstill before the familiar “Four” guitar intro by Chuck, Garvey kicked in. It was complete musical bliss.The reaction was a thing of beauty, as was the wild way they closed out the “Rebubula” and took their well-deserved break before encoring with an incredible take on The Animals classic “House Of The Rising Sun.” While the cheers were long and heartfelt, they had faded by the time the beleaguered but triumphant road crew snapped back into gear and began their arduous task of packing it all back up and getting it to the far more accessible Civic Theatre for the next two nights.Luckily our own Rex Thomson, the “mayor of moe.down” himself, was on hand to film the proceeding for posterity. Check out the second set-closing 40 minute jam below:“Rebubula>Four>Rebubula”Setlist: moe. | Le Petit Theatre | New Orleans, LA | 4/28/17Set I: Crab Eyes > Threw It All Away > Crab Eyes, Queen Of Everything, Mar-DeMa > George > Time EdSet II: ATL, Annihilation Blues, Don’t Wanna Be, Rainshine > Rebubula > Four > RebubulaEnc: Johnny Lineup, House Of The Rising Sunlast_img read more

Gang Of Thieves Combine Music & Volunteer In Their “Work Together Tour”

first_imgOn their Work Together Tour this spring, Gang of Thieves played 60+ shows over the course of four months and made a goal to volunteer their time to various community service projects across the country. As any touring musician will tell you, it takes great motivation and dedication to perform live concerts. With a vigorous tour schedule, it takes immense physical and mental effort to travel from city to city, and perform your best to any size crowd, despite how many hours of sleep you were able to catch in between.So for a band to incorporate community service into their tour schedule, it is quite the victory. Live For Live Music applauds the Gang of Thieves for reaching their goals, and are happy to share their experience through the words of Michael Reit (lead vox / violin) and Tobin Salas (bass). Read below for a recap of their Work Together Tour:Being from Vermont, we are extremely lucky to live in a state that is so supportive of its local community and economy. The idea for our “Work Together” tour was definitely influenced by what we see around us in our daily life. Our goal as a band, especially when we are touring, has always been to spread a positive message through rock and roll, so this tour was really a natural evolution for us. Early on in the planning stages for the tour, we had a lot of positive feedback about what we were trying to do, and ended up pairing with Darn Tough Socks, Cabot Cheese, and Lenny’s Shoe and Apparel as sponsors. All of those companies are dedicated to having locally made products and supporting their local communities, which is exactly what we wanted to encourage along the tour.As we hit the road, our goal was to volunteer in as many communities as possible, from food shelves to animal shelters. When we started adding these extracurricular activities to our usual tour schedule, we expected it to be a little strenuous, since we were giving up whatever extra sleep and downtime we had between all our shows to volunteer. That being said, right off the bat we discovered that contributing to communities gave us an incredible sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, which helped balance out the lack of sleep or down time. The truth is that there are a lot of people who don’t have the opportunity or lifestyle we are lucky to have, people who need help and support. To us, getting a couple more hours of sleep or down time doesn’t compare to being able to fundamentally contribute to helping some of those people. For example, we played a late night set in Roanoke, Virginia then hit the road that night for a place to stay in Charlottesville where we were scheduled for an early morning start at the local Habitat for Humanity. Despite the lack of sleep, we had a blast helping build homes for people who needed them. We worked all day putting in trim, sideboarding, and other late stage jobs at a site with rows of houses waiting to be finished. The people there were positive and super dedicated to the community, and appreciated our help so much. We ended up playing an acoustic version of “Work Together” for them at lunch, and made some great friends there. A few of the workers onsite even came to our show that evening in Charlottesville! It felt so good to contribute to the local community, but seeing those same people come support us in turn that evening was even more amazing. It gave us a sense of the power that working together can have.We definitely encourage fellow bands to find time in their tour schedule to help out in the communities they travel through. Not only is it incredibly fulfilling to help out where it is needed most, but you never know who you might meet. Maybe someone will offer to put you up for the night, or you might make some unexpected fans who will keep supporting you and your music for years to come. For more information about where we went and how we put all this volunteer work together, check out the “Work Together” page on our website. More bands should be like Gang of Thieves. Bravo!last_img read more

Thundercat, Michael McDonald, And Kenny Loggins Perform “Show You The Way” On Fallon

first_imgThe inimitable bass master Thundercat performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night in support of his recent studio effort Drunk, which was released in February featuring Flying Lotus, Soundwave, Louis Cole, Zack Sekoff, Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins, Mono/Poly, Taylor Graves, Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell Williams, and Kendrick Lamar. The Monday night television appearance brought along the legendary talents of Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins for a performance of “Show You The Way,” the leading single off Drunk. The Brainfeeder artist was dressed to the tee – sporting a swim suit, sandals, and purple wig – showing off his vocal capabilities while McDonald and Loggins provided harmonic melodies that inevitably bring listeners straight to another time. Thundercat’s finishing bass solo was impressive as ever, as you can see in the video below:Catch Thundercat in a city near you!last_img read more

PREMIERE: Midnight North Brings All-American Flavor In New Album [Exclusive Stream]

first_imgThe California folk-rock band Midnight North has a new album, Under the Lights, on the way. Under the Lights will be the group’s third album and is out tomorrow, June 16th. Consisting of Grahame Lesh (vocals, guitar), Elliott Peck (vocals, guitar), Alex Jordan (vocals, organ), and Connor O’Sullivan (bass), Midnight North’s latest album was written following their first Midwest and East coast tour and captures the excitement during and following that period. The band’s Americana sound taps into Lesh’s father’s jammy Grateful Dead roots while also creating a sound of their own, infusing their own Western and blues influences throughout the album.Under The Lights includes 11-original tunes combining a country and rock-tinged sound directly influenced by life on the road. Recorded by David Simon-Baker (Los Lobos, ALO, Jackie Greene, Mother Hips), with Under The Lights, Grahame Lesh and his band Midnight North create an fresh blend of rock and Americana that evokes past masters in the form like Graham Parsons and The Band. With smooth and heart-swinging harmonies, gritty and resonate lyrics, and rock-steady chops that share true tales of the road, the album is full of variety.EXCLUSIVE: Grahame Lesh Talks Midnight North, His Famous Father, And Twiddle LoveLive For Live Music is excited to share this next milestone in Midnight North’s career by hosting the band’s album stream ahead of tomorrow’s release. “This album is the culmination of growth – two years of writing, touring, and learning both about ourselves and from the amazing musicians we’ve been lucky to be around,” says Grahame Lesh. “We took a lot away from hanging and making music with folks like Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Nicki Bluhm, Tom Hamilton, Scott Metzger, and obviously all of our musical community in the Bay Area and at Terrapin Crossroads. Then with invaluable help from DSB (David Simon-Baker), we were able to translate what we’d written and heard in our heads and combine it with what we’d worked out through all those live performances – we tightened the songs up, focused on the melodies and harmonies, and made sure the stories that we were telling came first. All of that made for an album that we’re definitely really proud of and can’t wait for people to hear!”Listen to Midnight North’s Under The Lights below, exclusively through L4LM:Midnight North will be celebrating the release of their new record with a hometown show at Great American Music Hall coinciding with the album’s release date. Special guests include the Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh, guitarist Scott Law, and songstress Victoria George. Additional summer appearances are below, including an exciting appearance at LOCKN’ in late August.MIDNIGHT NORTH SUMMER DATES6/16 – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA7/28 – Tumble Down – Burlington, VT7/30 – Capitol Theatre – Port Chester, NY8/2 – The Hamilton – Washington, DC8/3 – Jams On The Sand – Asbury Park, NJ8/4 – Bear’s Picnic – Millmont, PA8/5 – Petaluma Music Fest – Petaluma, CA8/25 – Lockn’ Festival – Arrington, VAlast_img read more