IRS Asking SSI And VA Beneficiaries For Critical Information By Tuesday

first_imgPhoto: U.S. Secret ServiceWASHINGTON – As the IRS continues to disburse Economic Impact Payments to Americans, the agency is asking those who receive Supplemental Security Income or Veterans Affairs benefits for information about child dependents by Tuesday.In March, Congress passed a stimulus package in response to the coronavirus crisis. It included $1,200 payments to qualifying individuals and $2,400 to qualifying couples, plus an additional $500 for qualifying children. The IRS is asking SSI and VA beneficiaries to use their Non-Filer Tool to tell them about any qualifying children they have.“They are getting benefits from any service that they did or they’re getting benefits based on income,” explained Steven Elwell, the chief investment officer for Level Financial Advisors. “They generally don’t end up filing a tax return, so the government may not be aware that they have a qualifying child.”This only applies to SSI and VA beneficiaries who have a qualifying child, and did not file a federal tax return in 2018 or 2019. Those who do not share this information with the IRS by Tuesday will have to wait until they can file a 2020 tax return to receive the extra $500 per qualifying child. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window),I DON’T THINK ITS RIGHT HOW DISABLED PEOPLE STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN THERE]PAYMENTS YET! SOICIAL SERURTIY SHOULD’VE DID THERES AND THE IRS SHOULD’VE DID THE TAX PAYERS,I haven’t received my stimlus check gust yet, so I called the social security office, and the worker explain to me, that I will receive mine, there still sending them out, and I am disabled and deserve mine, as I’m behind on my bills, my rent is $475. I only draw $783. Wish to God I’d hurry get it, it’s hard struggling gust to survive, some has already received there’s and not hurt for the stimlus check as near as I am, or others who hasn’t received these checks, it’s not seems as thoe the ones that need it the most, are not receiving the help I or they need so desperately, why is this?,I haven’t received a check get 581 a month SS we’re the ones that need it my brother claims me on his income tax so I don’t qualify for a check he got his $1200 and I get nothing,The same thing happened to me. My daughter claimed me on her taxes. Doesn’t seem fair since we are the ones who really need it. Besides I’ve paid her and bought grocery and supplies so it’s not like I’m freeloading.,I get ssi for my grandson and his Dad claim on his income tax which he should not have my grandson live with me I’m working on that I guess he received the 500 hundred dollars which he should not have did I took him the court for child support and still claim him and he’s not living in that household could someone help me understand this a deadbeat Dad,That’s what I said they making it hard on there selves and it’s getting hard for those of us on SSI and most of my SSI goes on Bill’s so I’m struggling an getting more depressed over this stimulus covid thing that’s goin on,This is really messing with Me… I recieve SSI and ALL My Info. is rite there, cause I get My monthly check, “straight deposit”.. So why haven’t I recieved My Stimulus package money, yet? I’m still waiting.,I haven’t received mines yet an i am a veteran an ssi,I didn’t receive my check,I didn’t receive my check and I have direct deposit on my debit card I get SSI,My is Annette i haven’t my payment either,what is going on?,Man I need my payment I get social security and got a Direct express card haven’t receive nothing yet,Me neither I get SSI on direct express card. And I haven’t received my yet. No children. Pat,I receive SS have a direct deposit card and nothing for me yet. I get 644.00 a month still waiting. Desperate waiting, it’s not fair. We need our money to.,Hadn’t received mine either so when should we expect them I recieve SSI,I am on ssi and waiting on my check I wonder when will we get them,All they care about is the businesses, big businesses ! We will all be homelessor dead and not be able to shop or fly anywhere anyhow. I have 2 handicapped adult children that are on SSI but their medical Bill’s and personal needs take up their ssi money. I am on social security and have to pay all extra Bill’s for them. I can’t believe this government from the top down has not taken care of their people. So many are hungary and homeless. They could get that food and milk that is wasted to people if they really wanted to. And why create a war with china??? At this time a war could wipe out humanity!!!!! China and trump are two time bombs waiting to explode. People are killing and rioting over ridiculous things. Just be sure you are keeping close to family and resolve any problems with loved ones because our days are numbered.,I have not received my check either,I haven’t gotten mine yet and I receive SSDI so what do I do? Cant even call ány one because no one answers phone,I’m on SSI the IRS has my bank information still I have not received the Stimulus check,I’m on SSDI and still haven’t received mine yet.,I have not got my either? And I have direct deposit to what seems to be the holdup can you answer our questions please thank you,I receive SSI and I have a direct Express card and I thought I was supposed to receive the money today and still nothing when should I expect it this is becoming very frustrating,My husband is on SSDI he efiled his son.he got his 1200 but not the 500 for dependent.i also get SSDI but I haven’t received mine either .and they got all my info.but my husband got his still waiting also.and can find out nothing.,my name is shane I get ssi its telling me my check qad deposited pn the 29th of April to a account ive never seen . what do I have to do to get ot cause no one answers the phones. please help,I’m on SSI too still have not received my payment either.,It doesn’t make sense why seniors and people on social security haven’t received stimulus money yet. What’s the problem,I’m a social security recipient and I have not received mine either and they have all my information,I’m on SSDI and I have not received mine either,I’m on SSI. I received a letter stating that they sent mine to the child support people. The thing is my name is no where on my husband’s child support account. So, shouldn’t they be made to still send me my $1200?,How long have you been on ssi,I’m on social security too I still have not got mine.,I’m on social security and I have not received my stimulus check yet what is going on Marvin Delaney may 6 2020,We need that money people have bank accounts where our SSI checks go into How hard is it to send us the money The People on SSI should have gotten there’s first with there monthly check from Nancy Sacco,I’m on SSI I never received my stimulus check yet,I get SSI disability and have not received my money either,Most people on SSI do not have kids under 15 and have direct deposit or direct express,Not true, I know a lot of people that receive this that have children,Do I need to contact them even though I don’t have a child to claim.My son is 23 so no 500 dollar for me.,I didn’t receive a check yet. I made sure i had filled out the 2020 censuses cause at one time they were saying that they were going to go by the information on your paperwork. Even though you still have direct deposit. But still i haven’t got anything so i wondering just like everyone else where is my check.,I was wondering is there anything else that we need to do in order for use to get our check? If so please let me know i got bills to pay and food to get.,I’m on SSI and haven’t got The Stimulus money and I’m a Single women,Yes I receive my 1200 I am on SSI but I didn’t Receive the 500 for my seven-year-old son and I filled out the non-fill on April the 13 and on the 27 my Direct deposit just had the 1200 and I don’t think that’s fair that I may have to wait until Next year when me and my son that on low income have to wait after I was told to fill out the form to get the 500 I hope irs resolve this problem now thank you,Reading through the comments it seems as though those of us receiving SSI have not receiving what was promised. My sister lives with me and she’s on SSA and SSI. She received her payment first round on her direct express that a lot of us have. What in hell is going on?! I knew this was gonna be a big cluster f**k! And you can’t call anyone for answers AND the “Get My Payment” tool is a joke!! Keeps saying “Status Unavailiable”! HELP US!!,I’ve been receiving SSI for three years and it’s been deposited into a savings account at Florida Parish Bank. What do I need to do to make sure I get mines,. My address is 700 Church Street Amite La 70422,I have been receiving SSI and SSDI benefits for about 15 yrs. now and have not received my stmulas check yet. It should have been automatically deposited into my bank account information that Social Security has also I have a copy of form SSA-1099 benefit statement which shows what I received in 2019 in box 5 on form SSA- 1099.,Hi im jessics and im on disability and my mom claim me on her taxes so their for i dont get check and im still asking my mom for hrlp with food and other stuff im stfugging so bsd its really pitiful it must be nice for everybody get checks but i dont becsuse my mom claim me if she didnt ill have to find some where to live. I dont know what to do ill get thing and then half turn around and sell it to make money pay my bills so its like im dame if i do dame if i dont. You know the check woulds helped me out alot!!!!,Y complain its not doing no good ,No one is telling us anything I’ve tried complaining and its got me nowhere ,Ihavent got my stimulus check either .my friends and family members all got theirs I’m the only one on SSI so I guess I’m being left out,I’m living day by day at this point. I have to get little amounts of groceries due to COVID-19 and not receiving my check. I have adjusted my eating habits in order to afford food. I desperately need it as I am running out of my emergency funds I had managed to save. I’m on SSDI and hope my check arrives sooner rather than later. I just wish they could provide some answers, anything would be appreciated.,My name is david west i get SSI on NET SPEND card every month still havent got my money yet either.,I haven’t received a check yet i only collect 786 a month for my ssi and my rent is 500 and i give the mother of my kids 250 a month cause they stopped my child support order but now I’m hearing they gone take my stimulus check even though i take care of my kids like i don’t need that to take better care of my kids,I’m a beneficiary for 5 years and I still haven’t received my check I have direct deposit been had it since day one please respond ….SHANTA HARBINlast_img read more

Suso doubtful for Sevilla v Real Betis derby clash

first_img Loading… Read Also: Lionel Messi passed fit for La Liga restartAside from the 26-year old, Lopetegui should have a clean bill of health as Real Betis head for the Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.However, Nemanja Gudelj miss out due to a one game suspension.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 The Spanish international has sat out a full week of training for Julen Lopetegui’s side after he aggravated a knee problem on their return to light training. According to reports from Marca, Lopetegui is likely to leave him out of the clash with their local rivals on June 11, due an intense run of games in the coming weeks.Advertisement Promoted Content10 Outrageous Ideas That Made People Ridiculously Rich7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The UniverseBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeThe Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Top 7 Best Car Manufacturers Of All Time7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty Penny6 Ridiculous Health Myths That Are Actually TrueWhat Is A Black Hole And Is It Dangerous For Us All?Traditional Wedding Outfits In Different CountriesThe 90s Was A Fantastic Decade For Fans Of Action Movies7 Breathtaking Train Stations Around The Globecenter_img Sevilla midfielder Suso is in danger of missing their derby showdown with Real Betis this week due to a persistent injury. The Andalucians will now face Levante, Barcelona and Villarreal in the next 14 days, following La Liga’s fixture confirmation. Suso’s injury is not thought to be serious, and Lopetegui will be counting on the AC Milan loanee, after a solid start at the club following his arrival in January.last_img read more

Advanced tillage depth and pressure control, TruSet, available on John Deere 2730 Combination Ripper

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest New feature eliminates manual adjustments, improves tillage performanceMaking it easier for customers to perform tillage adjustments with the push of a button, John Deere introduces TruSet. This industry-exclusive technology enables users to independently adjust depth or pressure settings for each operation on their 2730 Combination Ripper from the cab, on-the-go, for maximum agronomic results.“As conditions change throughout the field, operators running the 2730 with TruSet can quickly and efficiently respond to varying soils, compacted areas, heavier residue, and moisture,” says Nathan Kramer, product marketing manager for John Deere. “Making customized adjustments that respond to these agronomic factors help customers maximize their yield potential.”With TruSet, operators can adjust depth settings for their disks, rippers, and closing disks on the 2730 Ripper along with pressure settings for the active hydraulic rolling baskets. These adjustments are made in cab from the GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display that also provides users with real-time data for their actual tillage settings.“In just six seconds, TruSet operators can adjust depth and pressure settings from the cab while continuing to cover acres,” says Kramer. “That’s up to 200 times faster than conventional, manual adjustments with single-point depth control and cylinder stops”Operators no longer have to sacrifice machine performance by deciding to forgo manual adjustments throughout the field. At the touch of a button, TruSet users can quickly respond to changing conditions such as running deeper over end rows or working shallower on hilltops and lighter soils.TruSet’s four memory set points allow operators to save settings for their most common field conditions. Operators can also make adjustments on the display to achieve their desired field finish.According to Kramer, TruSet provides operators with a high level of precision. “With a working tillage width of up to 26 feet on the 2730, consistent tillage performance can be easily obtained from front to back across all four functional areas of this machine.” He adds, “Once the actual set point is validated and configured to the display in the cab, operators are able to make independent adjustments to the disks, rippers, or closing disks with extreme accuracy, up to one-tenth of an inch.”For more information on the TruSet feature with the 2730 Combination Ripper, see your local John Deere dealer or visit read more

Al Jazeera Uses Drupal and the Cloud to Handle Traffic Spikes

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting As Egyptians took to the streets and overthrew former President Hosni Mubarak, millions of people throughout the world turned to Al Jazeera for coverage. The global interest in events in the Middle East drove record levels of visitors to the news agency’s Web servers. Traffic to Al Jazeera’s site increased by 1,000% and that to its Drupal-based live blog increased by 2,000% during the crisis in Egypt, according to a blog post by Dreis Buytaert, Drupal creator and the founder of Acquia, which is now providing its elastic service for the international news organization. Previously, Al Jazeera’s site was hosted by a traditional Web host, but the demands caused by the surge required more resources. That’s where Acquia comes in, commanded by Buytaert, who also serves as lead developer.In the move, Al Jazeera transferred its live blog to Acquia’s Managed Cloud service. Like other cloud hosts, Acquia offers elastic resources so that sites can scale up – and back down – with ease. Unlike general purpose cloud hosts, Acquia specializes in Drupal, enabling it to fine tune its servers’ performance to the CMS’s particular needs.“Fast forward a few weeks, and the demands on Al Jazeera’s Web infrastructure have only increased with new crises across the region,” wrote Buytaert. But at some point the traffic level will taper down again. As we pointed out recently, the ability to scale-down is one of the unsung advantages of cloud services.Several other news media companies use Drupal, including The Economist, Fox News and Mother Jones. But regardless of the underlying CMS, news agencies should consider elastic hosting to handle spikes. Related Posts Tags:#cloud#Cloud Providers center_img A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… klint finley 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Using Practical Lights to Convey Mood

first_imgHere are a few tips and tricks for using practical lighting to establish mood and set the tone for your next shoot.Top image via Netflix.Choosing the right lights for your shoot can be difficult. You have to consider the space you’ve chosen to shoot in, the size of your crew, and the budget you’re working with. While there are a million different ways to properly expose your image and light your subjects, there are a few helpful tricks that can up the value of your shot while saving time and money. A recent trend among filmmakers and DPs in television and movies has been to employ camera lights that serve the story while also aesthetically lighting the actors.Mixing ColorsImage via Netflix.One of the most recent examples of this technique comes from the popular Netflix series, Master of None. In the last episode of season two, the two central characters find themselves isolated inside an apartment as the tension builds in a classic “will they or won’t they” fashion. The lighting for this scene involves simple blue and red light bulbs on opposite ends of the frame. This might seem like an obvious choice for representing passion and loneliness, but the lights are also backlighting the subject, almost creating a vignette, while composing one of the most romantic and memorable shots in recent memory.There are a few things to consider before choosing the color and type of light to use on the subjects on camera. You need to complement your actors’ skin tones and wardrobe with the appropriate lighting. Colorists can grade a project to a certain extent, but when it comes to complementary lighting on set, the results will speak for themselves. Just know that blue and orange, red and green, red and blue, and blue and yellow all complement each other, making your subjects pop.One of the best-known DPs who adheres to this method is Benoit Debie, who has often used two opposing colored lights or practicals to light his actors on camera. His work often consists of heavy neon usage, so if you’re curious about mixing crazy colors in your shot, check out some of his work.Using Neon LightsImage via A24.A director who keeps coming back to using neon is Nicolas Winding Refn. The majority of his movies take place in the dark underbelly of society, whether that includes cannibalistic supermodels or underground boxing rings. These themes rely on practical neon lights to set the tone. Neon lights are a cheap and visually appealing solution in these situations. Consider location too when you’re scouting for your production; you can’t put a price on a lighting setup already waiting for you on set.Image via Radius TWC.One of the masters of on-set practicals was Stanley Kubrick. Whether it was lighting characters with candles, christmas lights, or single-source lamps, the man was a master of setting ominous tones through lighting.The recent John Wick films also make excellent use of creative lighting by employing practical neon (and LED) lighting and lens flares. Given the subject matter is usually very dark and intense, this decision to feature reds, blues, purples, and white lights makes for some pretty outstanding shots.Image via Lionsgate.Practical LightingFor a more in-depth look at practical lighting in general, Ugly McGregor dives into how to light an interior night scene with only lamps and candles in this quick video tutorial.Practical lights can serve as purely aesthetic choices. If you decide to make use of practical colored lights for your next shoot, think about the colors, the emotion the scene calls for, and how the colors can complement the mood you want.Have you used practical lights in the past? Let us know in the comments.last_img read more

2012 Trans Tasman Survey

first_imgTFA is committed to providing you with the most enjoyable experience at its events. Your responses to the questions within this survey will greatly assist us in this regard. Please click on the link below to complete the survey:

a month agoMan Utd legend Neville: Contract will help De Gea settle

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say Man Utd legend Neville: Contract will help De Gea settleby Freddie Taylora month agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United legend Gary Neville says a new contract could see David De Gea return to form.The Spaniard hasn’t been himself this season, but Neville says a new deal until 2023 could settle the 28-year-old.Neville told Sky Sports: “De Gea has had a difficult time in the Premier League and he’s had difficulties at home where he’s lost his place in the national team. I don’t think he’s fully recovered from the poor World Cup in 2018, and he’s made more mistakes in the last 15 months than ever before.”But I’ve got to believe that this is good news and hope that what’s happened in the last 12 to 15 months has been a result of the ongoing speculation. The hope is that now he’s signed, he can settle down and start performing.”United need a spine. They had eight academy players in the squad on Saturday, but their problem isn’t the academy. The problem is that they haven’t got a strong, dominant spine, but De Gea can be the start of that.” last_img read more

a month agoMan Utd will hand Solskjaer January funds

first_imgMan Utd will hand Solskjaer January fundsby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will have money to spend in January.The Daily Mail says United put the Norwegian in charge of a rebuilding process when he was appointed full-time in March and accept that it will take time for him to turn the club’s fortunes around.They will back Solskjaer in the January transfer window if he wants to strengthen his squad again after spending nearly £150million this summer on Harry Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Dan James. In particular, United are in need of a striker, having allowed Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez to leave without signing a replacement.The decision has backfired after Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial were injured, while teenage prospect Mason Greenwood missed the West Ham game with tonsillitis. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

8 days agoAston Villa boss Smith ‘extremely proud’ of Mings

first_imgAston Villa boss Smith ‘extremely proud’ of Mingsby Paul Vegas8 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveAston Villa boss Dean Smith was delighted for Tyrone Mings over his England debut.The defender was impressive in Bulgaria, dominated by the racist chanting of home fans.Smith said, “Talking about his football first, extremely proud to see one of my players make his debut for England, assured performance, the biggest accolade I could give him was that it looked like he was playing for Aston Villa. “He was organising people around him, was calm on the ball, the sort of performance we see regularly. “Didn’t get tested defensively but played his part in a good result for England.”He continued, “He’s come back here and trained, got on with things as normal and not really said too much about it. I can only sing his praises. “When we go and look at players and speak to them we know what they’re going to bring football-wise, but it’s that personality, character that you’re looking to find out about. “Me and JT went to meet him and he impressed us. Having met him, brought him here on loan and signed him – we’ve seen him every day and it doesn’t surprise me how he handled the whole situation. “He’s articulate, intelligent and a very good human being as well.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more