Gerry Raftery: Ten Mindful Habits for the Present Crisis

first_imgPractice Gratitude. Without a doubt this simple exercise can be one of the most beneficial of our day. Towards the end of your day call to mind five experiences or moments from your day for which you feel Grateful. This Gratitude Exercise helps you to focus on what is good and beautiful in your life. Manage your thoughts, try not to be overwhelmed by negative thinking. Notice your emotions, especially the painful ones, deal with what is real and present rather than the wild unreal imaginings which can drag you down. RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Stop and Think, avoid reacting impulsively or thoughtlessly to people or events. Take a deep breath before saying or doing something. Respond rather than React. Remember, “Between the Stimulus and the Response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Vicktor Frankl. Limerick Ladies National Football League opener to be streamed live Print Limerick’s National Camogie League double header to be streamed live Take Care of Yourselves and of One Another. Go for a Walk. Take some physical exercise during your day. Find the exercise which suits you and make it part of your daily routine. While exercise is very good for the body it also relaxes the mind and helps us to manage and reduce our Stress levels. Billy Lee names strong Limerick side to take on Wicklow in crucial Division 3 clash Facebook WATCH: “Everyone is fighting so hard to get on” – Pat Ryan on competitive camogie squads Advertisement Predictions on the future of learning discussed at Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival TAGSgerry rafteryKeeping Limerick PostedlimerickLimerick Postmeditatemeditationmindfulmindfulness Mindful Moments. Take occasional moments during your day when you become aware of yourself and what is happening around you. Breathe Deeply. Listen. Notice. These Mindful Moments can enrich your day and help you find calm. Previous articleCancer diagnosing services are fully operationalNext articleJennifer Allen: Dealing with stress in a pandemic Meghann Scully Linkedin Twitter Email Live through this crisis One Day at a Time. There is no point in constantly recounting and remembering how great things were before Covid-19 struck. Equally, there is no point in looking ahead to the potential disasters of illness, unemployment or poverty which may face us. Each day has enough challenges of its own. Live life now one Day at a Time. LifestyleLimerickNewsGerry Raftery: Ten Mindful Habits for the Present CrisisBy Meghann Scully – May 18, 2020 207 Young attractive yogi woman practicing yoga concept, doing namaste gesture, namaste hands to forehead, working out, wearing wrist bracelets, studio background, closeup, view over the shoulderWe are now at Phase One of reopening the country and Gerry has his final article in the series for us. Gerry Raftery is the Co-Ordinator of Mindfulness Programmes at Personal Milestones and shares tips on how to be resilient. Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up THE World Health Organisation and the HSE recognise the need for us to take care of our Mental Health and Well-Being during this Covid-19 Pandemic.We need to do this consciously on a daily basis. Over the past ten weeks I have written a series of articles on how Mindfulness can help us through this crisis. I am summarising the key points of the articles in a list of ten Mindful Habits which can improve our Mental Health and Well-Being at this time. I hope you find them helpful. Donal Ryan names Limerick Ladies Football team for League opener WhatsApp Develop Acceptance. Though it is not easy, try to accept things as they are now. Of course, life is not as we would like it to be. Acceptance is the bridge that leads to a place of calm and to new beginnings. Use the Prayer: “Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference”. Mind your Mind – Be aware of the need to take care of your own Mental Health and Well-Being. This is primarily your own responsibility.  Be Kind and Compassionate towards yourself and towards others. We need to take extra care of ourselves. Do simple Acts of Kindness for yourself and for others. This generates something positive within us while at the same time building up those around us. Be Kind!Manage Stress. While some Stress is a normal part of life, at the moment the levels of Stress can be very high. When you feel Stressed take a minute to breathe deeply in order to relax your mind and body. Be vigilant and try to avoid unnecessary stressful triggers, whether they are thoughts, people or places. Meditation. Schedule a daily Meditation time where you sit down for ten or twenty minutes and simply focus on your breath and your breathing. Your mind will wander quickly and often. When it does, gently return to the Breath and the Breathing. This Meditation may appear difficult but it is easier than you think. There are many good Apps available, Try Headspace or Calm.last_img read more

Combating pandemic planning fatigue

first_img(CIDRAP Source Weekly Briefing) – Business people convinced of the possibility of an influenza pandemic agree: Convincing reluctant managers, organizing continuity planning, and educating employees can be challenging.But if getting better prepared for a pandemic is tough, business managers say, keeping prepared is tougher.It’s bad enough, they agree, to have to convince reluctant managers and educate busy employees that a pandemic will be unlike any other hazard a company might face, like earthquakes, hurricanes, or terrorism. Such events are local or regional and occur over minutes to hours. Recovery resources from other areas of the country can be accessed quickly and the recovery process begun–even in the face of physical destruction.But for those responsible for private-sector pandemic preparedness, what remains untested and unclear is how companies and organizations will respond. How stable, for example, will today’s public utilities be? Will companies supplying critical parts or services be able to deliver? How many employees will come to work and over what period? The unknowns can be so confounding as to bring preparedness activities to a halt.Another challenge is finding reliable sources and information to act on for both meaningful planning and for delivering company information campaigns and training.After that, they say, comes the truly hard part: Sustaining the planning effort over the long haul.Experts say that preparing well for a catastrophic event takes time, thought, and repetition–but the more time that elapses, and the more repetitions employees go through, the more likely it is they will develop planning fatigue.Pan flu war games”This is a very serious issue,” said Len Pagano, president and CEO of the SafeAmerica Foundation, a Georgia-based nonprofit organization that has staged pandemic-planning business summits in Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. “If you come up with a plan, and then over a year you don’t touch the plan, you won’t only forget key points in the plan–you’ll begin to think the whole issue isn’t very important.”But keeping up awareness of the possible consequences of a pandemic–a global event that could last 8 to 12 weeks in any one location, cause up to 24 months of disruption around the globe, and kill 200,000 to 1.9 million just in the United States, according to the US government–is as essential as it is challenging.Pagano and the SafeAmerica Foundation recently landed on a new idea: They are staging a war game, with flu as the enemy.The exercise will last a week and take place in 2 to 6 plants belonging to a Fortune 100 heavy-industrial company that asked not to be identified for competitive reasons. The company will ask its workers to follow the social-distancing techniques that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends as a first-line defense. SafeAmerica will observe employees to gauge compliance, then report to the company’s management what recommendations were followed or ignored.An actual pandemic, of course, will last months and mean that employees will be subjected to many other stressors (loss of loved ones, trouble finding food or routine drugs for themselves or family members) that will change how employees respond during the real event. But if the experiment is successful, Pagano said, it will deliver what scenario exercises lack: the energy and creativity provoked by a real-time challenge.Keeping plans freshKeeping fresh in pandemic planning is a preoccupation for Steve Bergfeld, vice president of corporate services and administration at Baxter Healthcare Corp. of Illinois, part of Baxter International Inc.Baxter makes a range of medications and medical devices, including home dialysis solutions. The company is in a category the government calls critical infrastructure: 14 business sectors (from food production to energy to banking to information technology) that must keep functioning during a crisis in order for the United States to keep running.”As I go around and talk to my colleagues, everybody is saying the same thing: How do you keep this [planning] as a front-burner issue when we have so many other priorities and so much demanding our time,” Bergfeld said.Bergfeld was brought to Baxter 10 months ago to head a threat-management team of 23 people. The company’s process is arduous: monthly meetings to rank facilities worldwide against a list of “accountabilities”; regional audits that score facilities on 7 aspects of pandemic and disaster planning; on-site inspections; and tabletop exercises. Yet “I am always looking for new tools, new resources . . . the next creative way to keep this in front of people,” Bergfeld said.Mega-retailer Target Corporation, which has 7,000 employees just in its Minneapolis headquarters, formed a 30-person pandemic response team a year ago to work with its existing business continuity experts, who, up to then, had chiefly anticipated store closures due to natural disasters such as hurricanes as well as technology crises such as crashes in the company’s worldwide electronic networks.”What we do for business continuity prepares us for pandemic planning, and pandemic planning becomes a scenario within business continuity that we haven’t addressed in the past,” said Birch Holt, Target’s manager of business continuation.The pandemic team, Holt said, draws broadly from throughout the company, including representatives from crisis management, merchandising, and government affairs in addition to the pre-existing business continuation department.They began meeting in January 2006, starting with face-to-face, twice-monthly gatherings of at least an hour, initially mapping out plans for each major division, using pandemic flu–related information from the CDC ( and the World Health Organization ( as well as a private risk-information company. With most of Target’s divisional plans now written and under review by senior management, the team has cut back to hour-long, face-to-face meetings once a month.Target will shortly hold its first pandemic tabletop exercise. Participants will represent each company sector that has prepared written plans. The results, Holt said, will expose new vulnerabilities to think through.Holt acknowledges that written documents (no matter how thought-out and granular) are not enough. On a board near his desk, he keeps a saying he attributes to World War II general and President Dwight D. Eisenhower: “In preparing for battle, I have found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”last_img read more

CAF Confed Cup summary: Kwesi Appiah’s Al Khartoum kicked out

first_imgFormer Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah’s Al-Khartoum have crashed out of the 2015 CAF Confederations Cup campaign at the first hurdle, after suffering a 2-0 loss to Zambian hosts Power Dynamos on Sunday.The win saw the Zambians advance 2-1 on aggregate after losing the first leg by a lone goal in Khartoum two weeks ago.A 20th minute goal canceled out Al-Khartoum’s advantage, before a stoppage time penalty gave Power Dynamos the ticket to the next round.The double-header was Appiah’s first games in competitive club football in Africa.Meanwhile the Nigerian duo of Warri Wolves and Dolphins of Port Harcourt, as well as Ghana’s Hearts of Oak, are among a number of teams that have sailed to the next round.Wolves triumphed over Burkinabe visitors RC Bobodioulasso 3:0 on Saturday to progress 4:0 on aggregate, while Dolphins needed a 5-3 penalty shootout win to beat Leones Vegatarianos Leones of Equatorial Guinea after canceling out a 1:0 loss in the first leg. Hearts of Oak beat Benin’s Police 1-0 away to advance to the next round with a 2:0 aggregate win.RESULTS SO FARRevenue Authority (Uganda) 3:2 ASSM Elgeco (Madagascar)ASSM Elgeco (4:2) 0:1 Revenue AuthorityCote d’Or (Seychelles) 2:3 Dedebit (Ethiopia) Dedebit (5:2) 2:0 Cote d’OrSofapaka (Kenya) 1:2 Platinum (Zimbabwe)Platinum (4:2) 2:1 SofapakaBidvest Wits (South Africa) 3:0 Royal Leopards (Swaziland)Royal Leopards (7:6 penalties) 3:0 Bidvest Wits Al Ittihad (Libya) 6:1 Elect Sport (Chad)Elect Sport 0:1 (1:7) Al IttihadRC Bobodioulasso (Burkina Faso) 0:1 Warri Wolves (Nigeria)Warri Wolves (4:0) 3:0 RC BobodioulassoHearts of Oak (Ghana) 1:0 Police (Benin) Police 0:0 (0:1) Hearts of OakMouloudia Alger (Algeria) 0:0 Sahel SC (Niger)Sahel SC (2:0) 2:0 Mouloudia AlgerLeones Vegatarianos (Equatorial Guinea) 1:0 Dolphins (Nigeria)Dolphins (5:3 penalties) 1:0 Leones Vegatarianos Leones Renaissance Berkane (Morocco) 2:1 Onze Createurs (Mali)Onze Createurs (2:2) 1:0 Renaissance BerkaneUFC de Haut Nkam (Cameroon) 1:0 Olympique Ngor (Senegal)Olympique Ngor (3:2) 3:1 UFC de Haut NkamVolcan de Moroni (Comoros) 0:1 Petro Atletico (Angola) Petro Atletico (3:0) 2:0 Volcan de MoroniBenfica Luanda (Angola) 2:0 Le Messager de Ngozi (Burundi)Le Messager de Ngozi 0:1 (0:3) Benfica LuandaAl Ghazala (South Sudan) 0:1 Petrojet (Egypt)Petrojet (7:1) 6:1 Al GhazalaAl-Khartoum (Sudan) 1:0 Power Dynamos (Zambia)Power Dynamos (2:1) 2:0 Al-KhartoumPetite Riviere Noire (Mauritius) 1:2 Ferroviario Beira (Mozambique)Ferroviario Beira (7:3) 5:2 Petite Riviere NoireEtoile du Congo (Congo) – FC MK (DR Congo)Panthere Nde (Cameroon) 0:1 Rayon Sports (Rwanda)Young Africans (Tanzania) 2:0 BDF XI (Botswana)ASO Chlef (Algeria) 2:0 Kamboi Eagles (Sierra Leone)Horoya (Guinea) 1:0 Fassell (Liberia)AS Port (Togo) 2:0 CARA (Congo)CF Mounana (Gabon) 5:0 Polisi (Zanzibar)last_img read more